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— Sicola Elliott

If you have wings and you’re unable to fly, there must be something on the ground that you need.

I have to go for it, because the possibilities are greater than what I fear.

— Sicola Elliott

I may not know where all the pieces go, but put the pieces in my hands and I’ll
figure it out.

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Maybe I’m Dreaming

Maybe I’m dreaming and you're not really here Can’t open my eyes too scared you’ll disappear Are you the moon shining and following me at night? Are you the warmth of the sun? Are you that star I see in the sky? Are you the wind …

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Courage or Comfort?

There are two primary choices in life: you can either be comfortable (remain the same) or be uncomfortable (change and evolve). In most cases, I think I’m safe to assume we’d want to pick our comfort. Comfort is easy; we already …

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Change can be scary

Change can be a scary thing. Necessary, but scary. I wish I had a manual on how to Do change the right way, but life changes have so many moving parts.  Some people have to ease into change, some dive in, some have to clear a …

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